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Align with the rhythm of the Inner Spiral to bring healing to you and to the Living Water of the    World - Find your soul's purpose - Expand into Love and Light - Bring your Dreams to Life

On this beautiful afternoon, 


a wild Hummingbird stops to visit.


We were lucky to capture the moment on video.

Hummingbird  Whisperer


From the moment we spoke I understood I was in the presence of a master. Since then I have been blessed to participate in your global mediation circle and experience such profound and deep states of awakenings to the very core of my DNA.

I’m excited to continue on the adventures that are unfolding in this community, the healing that is possible and the global shifts that are taking place.

From the Hum in my heart, I offer you my deepest gratitude and respect.


                                                                                                        ~Anna F. (Australia)

Oriana, you are the Master of the Masters.

The knowledge and wisdom you carry in your heart is so profound. You take me back to my body and I can feel how my cells are moving, singing and dancing. I'm the floating. It's so beautiful!

                                                                                        ~Karin F. (Sweden)

This session was very much of a release again for me...

I open up so much every time. It's a very positive, emotional experience. I can really feel myself coming to a higher knowing and understanding of my own life and also opening up to the greater consciousness of the universe for me to be a part of. I am excited to continue next week!

                                                                                                           ~Kalyn S. (Tucson)

Oriana has made a huge difference in my life

and I look forward to her recordings as they always bring me deeper.

                                                                                                       ~Sandy M. (Arizona)

Thank You again, Oriana!

Your soul consciousness is really a beautiful channel to lead others.

                                                                                                             ~Patti P. (Sedona)

Oriana brings her amazing background in science, cellular biology, writing, design and art to us as we create something very special, new and never experienced before. Her sound meditations are life changing and breakthroughs happen every time.


                                                                                                       ~Jilly J.  (Tucson)

I am in awe of the bigness and precision of the underlying pattern / issue that you helped me to finally face. I am eternally grateful to Universe for answering my calls and struggles and offering me such a grace and gift in the form of the work that you are doing for me. I cannot cease to be amazed about how I came to you with the weight issue, and am coming out with a renewed relationships with my son and my husband as well as the improved dynamics of our family on the journey towards the healing heart! Thank you!!!


                                                                                                ~Natalika (New York)

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