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The stars called me to give voice to the heart of the world.

The ocean called me to be the voice of the living water.

The living water is the heart of the world.  


I sat with the ancient stones at Uxmal, Chitzenitza, Palenque, Stonehenge, Avebury, Karnak, Maccu Piccu.  I was initiated by a Shaman in the Amazon Jungle.  I learned the ancient art of story-dancing  in the Temples along the Nile.  I spent the night in the Sarcophagus of the King’s Chamber, another night in between the paws of the Sphinx and one night I danced alone on top of the Great Pyramid.  


I would sneak in after dark, dancing with the ancient stones asking, “Teach me, what do you know?”


I went on to Ayer's Rock in the Australian outback.  In New Zealand, I bungee jumped 4 times (twice over backwards) because . . . I was afraid.


 In my time with the Shaman, I received Sacred Knowledge of the pathway through the DNA. To follow it, I studied, for over twenty years, a movement form called Continuum.  It has allowed me to explore deeply, at the molecular level, the movement of the unfurling pattern of Life.  


The key is in the heart.

 For twelve years, I was an instructor in personal growth (licensed Avatar Master at international courses). I have a degree in Biochemistry; and I have been trained in many healing modalities. I am certified in Quantum Biofeedback and Sound Healing. My fascination with physics and genetics gives me a deeper understanding of how the fractal patterns of the Universe are encoded within us. For over twenty years, I studied Continuum, a meditative movement form. I am a Storydancer exploring the spontaneous movement that originates and unfurls from the heart - rhythmically unfolding the Dance of Life.

 Legend of the Heart Race  is my new book proposal currently with my agent. I am also the coauthor of the #1 Amazon bestselling Celebrating 365 Days of Gratitude.

I am now living my dream as I met my True Love in Arizona.  We were married on the Equinox inside the Great Pyramid of Egypt.  I have developed relationships with cutting edge visionary thinkers including Panache Desai. I bring my background in science, cellular biology, biochemistry, writing, design and art to create something very special, new and never experienced before. 

Giza Plateau


Grand Canyon


Temple of Dendera

Orlando with Panache Desai


Costa Rica

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