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                                       Legend, Lore, Luminary,


                                                        the Map to your Genetic Coil 

    A Legend may be a Lore, or a Luminary. Legend is also defined as the wording on a map or diagram explaining the symbols used. The Legend of the Heart Race is all three definitions. 

    The first book of the series, tells the Tale of a goddess who comes to earth plane reality to further her Initiation as a Master of Time to become  “The Goddessa”. 

    The story holds the key to the mystery of your rightful place in the unfolding pattern of Life. If your life is a jigsaw puzzle, The Legend of the Heart Race is the box top lid. The story is both personal and transpersonal. Life is transformed by a shift in perspective. Read this story, my story, as your story, for it is our story. It is our further unfolding of a species in the midst of a jump in evolution. It is felt in the underlying rhythm that is pulsed through the story. The mind cannot find it. Only the heart will find the way through to its origin. It is the pathway through the DNA to the first imprint that contains the whole. 

    The ovary holds the rhythmic shape of the heart. The heart shapes its rhythm in the form of an ovum. For the goddess to pass her Initiation, she must return with the knowledge:

                 How do you make One Heart beat?

                 To be placed on the throne of her mother, she must discover:

                 How do you make One Heart beat - for generations? 

         Journey to the core of your DNA to:

                   Renew and self repair

                   Stimulate your stem cells 

                   Unfold your Highest Purpose 




             In 1984, I saw a flash of stars in my meditation. I knew only that they were from Peru, and that I would have to go find them. The stars were a call I could not ignore. I had no idea why.

    “I came to find my Stars,” I told Don Eduardo Calderon, the Shaman I had come to study with.
“I know where your stars are,” he said as we traveled to the Moon Temple of Trujulio on the coast of Peru. Sitting beside me, he tapped my forehead saying,


         “You do theez very well.”

         He closed his eyes and sent me on a journey of understanding. When I opened my eyes he was staring at me intently.

    “I have been here many times in many lives to learn the lessons.” I said slowly, not sure how I knew. I only knew that I knew. “This time is my time to return to know them in my heart.”
“Usted mi amiga” he said, his hands bowed in prayer to me, “and for my friends, I have great respect.”

    In that moment, I knew that wherever I would go in this world, I would always have an ally. I also had the distinct and rather uneasy feeling that he was declaring “friend” for he did not wish to be my enemy. I asked him what he saw of my power animal. The Shaman knows of you, of your soul, by the power animals that surround you. He said in English,
“The Dragon, the Dragon is King.” 

    Of all the power animals, I was to learn, the Dragon was the top, the alpha. It was, however, many years and a few more trips to Peru to apprentice with Don Eduardo, before I began to learn what someone translated for me from his further uttering on the subject in Spanish.
“Dance lightly with the Dragon.” 

    The Moon Temple of Trujillo was a non excavated old ruin sitting on the desert sands, looking no more than a lump of a hill under the cloud obscured sky. I sat on the sand, still wet with the rain. Staring upward, I beseeched the heavens to show me my stars. Not a twinkle revealed itself. I was unrelenting. I stared back, more obstinate than the autumn storm. Slowly the clouds thinned, dispelled by my glare. A small hole opened a portal to my stars. And there in a flash, I saw the Southern Cross and “my” stars. I was in the right place at just the right time. I asked, with the deepest sense of reverence I felt in the moment. 

         “What is my significance?”

         The answer was immediate. I felt a voice reverberate through me.

         “You are as significant as a grain of sand.”

             The voice faded along with my hopes of some revelation, some guidance, some meaning to the insistence I had felt on being drawn to this moment by a flash of stars. All the frustration of living a double life, of trying to appear sane in an insane world, all the struggle of hearing a call that no one else heard, welled up in that moment. I yelled back as the clouds again curtained the mysterious sign.

    “I came half way around the world to sit in sand dunes for you to tell me that I am as significant as a grain of sand?” 


    My clenched fists waved handfuls of sand menacingly at the unseen voice, and, like moments in an hourglass, the grains slipped from my grip. The voice returned as an echoing rumble. 

  “But you are the grain of sand that turns the tide.” 

    In that moment, I was sitting on the world which was a spec of sand floating in the cosmic ocean. How were we to turn the tide? The ocean suddenly appeared as rough seas. From a higher dimension, a line was being thrown to our world, a distressed ship needing to be towed to safe harbor. Someone had to catch the line.

    Later, during our ceremony at the Moon Temple, I was given three scrolls of sacred knowledge. I tried to argue back that they couldn’t be for me. No matter how I tried to talk my way out of it, I was told,
    “These are for you. You are the one who heard the call. You are the one who came. The scrolls are in your care taking.” 

    The scrolls told the pathway through the DNA in symbols that I would slowly decipher. I would need the learning of the Pyramid Text inscribed on the tombs of Sakkara, Egypt. 

    Six months later, I arrived at the Great Pyramid in Giza. I bought a ticket, like any the other tourist, and then climbed up the steep steps to the opening. A small leathery faced old man stretched out a calloused hand. Reaching for my ticket, he stopped abruptly and did a double take, looking at me intently. 

    “Ah, there you are! We’ve been waiting for you, come with me.” 


    His command propelled me forward as he reeled around, ordering everyone else to stay out. We hastily made our way down the dark uneven passage. Unsure of what was happening, I said nothing in response to his comments. 

    “Well, it is that you have come now.” He stopped abruptly in front of me. “We have been waiting for you.” 

    Who is we? I wondered but did not voice. And why were they waiting for me? I climbed into the granite sarcophagus while Champion, my guide, kept all the tourists out of the King’s Chamber. There is no lid to this stone enclosure, yet I felt a tremendous weight forcing me deeper into the darkness. Somehow I knew that I would have to find a way to lift the stone lid - from the inside. 

    Many years later, in a remote country village in New Zealand, a doctor I had stopped to see ushered me across a sheep paddock to meet the local meta physician. There, we sat in this beautiful pyramid in his backyard. The size of a small house, it was constructed of polished wood. The Temple served as a gathering for his classes. As he and I sat on pews, staring into a bookshelf at the front, he spoke of many of the things he taught. As he spoke, I was remembering my travels to Egypt and the many months I spent in the Temples. The old master in Giza, Champion, had arranged for me to spend all night in the sarcophagus of the King’s Chamber. After months along the Nile, and many nights alone in the desert of Mt. Sinai, I stayed the night on the top of the Great Pyramid. 

    “Have you ever been to the Great Pyramid?” I asked the meta physician as we sat in his wooden structure in a sheep pasture.

    “Not in this life time. But the pyramids were never used for tombs. They were Initiation chambers. The Initiates of old would go into the sarcophagus to be buried alive. Not too many true Initiates around anymore, no one wants to get buried alive.”

        “Yes, “ I said slowly, “ The problem with being buried alive, is you can get to like it.” 

         Slowly turning, he, for the first time, looked directly at me.

         “Oh,” he said, “You must have been put through the fire, many, many times.”

    “I had to be.” I said. “I had to be tempered in the flame, like a steel blade, over and over. I had to be made strong enough to be able to make it all the way through.”

    Being buried alive is going deeper into the density of the DNA. You risk loosing all knowing of your immortal being, wandering through life, being entertained by someone else’s ideas. 

    As this knowledge was awakening within me in Egypt, I said to the old master, 

         “Oh, Champion, there is so much for me to remember.”

         “Don’t remember.” he said abruptly. “Forget you forgot.”



    I recommend you do the same. Forget you forgot the story that beats in the heart of every being. It can be felt and ignited to resonate the original template of unfolding life. We followed it in utero. We inherently know the rhythmic pulse that unfurled a multi celled being from 46 chromosomes. 


    Aligned with the original pattern, you will feel your own heart pulse a new awakening to the Celestial Pulse. Here, you will find your own entelechy (an acorn has the entelechy to be an oak tree). What is the blueprint your soul stepped in with? What is it that you are meant to do in the world? What is your piece of the puzzle? 

    The DNA matrix (not just the genes) is designed to reset and renew itself. Imagine being able to reboot to a cleaner, more efficient operating system. I know how to access this and switch it on. The key is in the heartbeat. 

    If this knowledge were gifted from the higher realms to a struggling planet, where would you place it in safekeeping?

        In the heart of a child. Pure innocent love.

    How would you keep it innocent in the getting of wisdom? How would you keep it pure in the gaining of knowledge? 

    Imagine that you have inside of you a new operating system that you can access that is like untracked snow. You can let go of all your old limiting beliefs and upgrade to a better operating system. I have found my way through the portal of the heart to ignite this new matrix. How I did it is within the story. It is The Legend of the Heart Race. Your mind can not get you there. The way to find it is to follow me deeper into your own heart. The Goddessa is a Love Story. The Legend of the Heart Race is an ongoing love story of the balance of the Masculine and Feminine. 


    The Matrix is Latin for Mother or womb. It is the Feminine that holds the key to the space for all things to happen. It unfolds in a predictable sequence. 


    Imagine that you have entered your life with all its struggles as an initiation from a higher realm, and to the level that you are willing, let go of your own pain and sorrow. There is nothing more that you need to do. You do not need to process it, just let go of the old imprints and fall into the new matrix. Its like falling in love. . .

    The heart has a portal that opens and closes like an iris of an eye. So bring to mind someone that you love. Now imagine loving them more. And even more than that. Do you feel it open? It is your choice. You decide to open your heart. You can decide to live in your heart. This is the new matrix.
As you read my story, I recommend that you don’t believe any of it. I never did. Oh, its all true. I tell it just the way it happened. But you see, I am crazy. I imagined that my life is a story that I made up, so why not live it as a mythological adventure and view all events as actions for a Higher Purpose? 

    Imagine. An Olympic swimming coach asks his swimmers to imagine that their fingers are ten inches long and have webs between them. Notice what happens. Do they swim faster? He doesn’t tell them to “Believe” in webbed fingers. So imagine now a lemon. Hold it in your hand. Feel the rippled skin, smell the bright yellow zest. Now imagine tasting it. Make you pucker? “Believing” in its actuality is not necessary. So it is with engaging in the story. 

   No matter what the story I am telling, just imagine that there is a deeper rhythm that is the true story you’ve been longing to hear. Feel into and listen for, the deeper rhythm of the Celestial pulse - for here is where we all began. Twenty three chromosomes from the male, twenty three from the female. And then Wham! Life, as you know it as your current personality, began. 

    Imagine that you have recorded your journey of incarnation.

    How did you, as a soul, disincarnate non physical being, incarnate into physical reality?  

    How does a Nonexistent intelligence encode this journey into existence? How do you return to the Highest Realm of the Point of Origin?    


    The story of the Goddessa tells of the force that draws together the Masculine and the Feminine to create Life. The first life form that colonized the planet for 3 billion years were one celled organisms. Their life cycle was limited to mitosis: grow/replicate/divide grow/replicate/divide. The evolutionary leap occurred about 1.5 billion years ago. Meiosis. Now cells divided and separated into sex cells with the ability to recombine. What if we, as a species, are unfurling around the impulse that was imprinted when the first cell that divided in two decided to be separate? What is the intra cellular force that draws the Masculine and Feminine back together to procreate? 

    As I first began exploring the DNA from the inside, I wanted to know: Where is the heartbeat located? How do you know how to make your heart beat? For generations?

    The embryo forms around the heartbeat, before the heart forms in the physical, 28 days after conception. It is following this underlying rhythm that unfurls a one celled organism into a multi celled being. It is the rhythm of the unfurling matrix.

    I invite you to enter the Initiation of a Goddess of the Highest Realm to become . . . 


                                                        The Legend of the Heart Race 


    Once lived the Great Celeste, being all there was and ever would be. But being One and not Another, the Great Celestial Being had no one with whom to share. For what could be told of the all that was known to the one who already knew? 

    So into the Stillness, Life was breathed into Existence. A great blazing glory was sent through the realm. Now was seen Light flickering in stardust. 

         “I created you to be One with me,” the Creator called to creation.

        “You created me with the desire to be separate,” sang the song of creation.

         “You are Light, as am I, you cannot be separate from me.” the Creator proclaimed.

    “Oh, it is true that I feel you from the core of every star,” sang the voice that was felt as a quiver, “but look how I dance, ever spinning to My center.”

    “Then I shall gather you up to draw you near,” said the Creator as arms were spun, spiraling home. But in all the spinning spiraling arms, none were long enough to gather up all of creation. 


    There came a Time of rest, a Time not to spin, but to hover. The Great Celeste closed an eye, then and there was created - dreaming! 

         “I have had a dream,” the Creator did call.

         There before his eye danced a beautiful Goddess, a vision of loveliness far surpassing his wildest imaginings. She twirled and she spiraled but just as she neared, she spun away from his reach, like a night vision chased away by first light.

         He awoke with a start. “I have had a dream!”

         “Yes,” said She. “I have overheard your dream, and I shall go first.”

         And with that, the Goddess began to fall.

         His eye closed again, to recapture the dream. But like love, dreams cannot be held captive.

    “Hold me with all of the love in your heart.” She called as she fell, “Your vision is true, so it is for you to be true to your vision.”

    And in His dream, She floated with the fairies and sprites on a spec of stardust. . . 

                                                                        somewhere . . .

         As She floated her heart called out,

          “I love you Always.”

         Echoing through the stardust He called,

          “You are Still my Heart.”




         Preface                                   “What’s Beyond Heaven?”

         “You are crazy. You are so crazy,” my big brothers taunted. “There is no one there, you are talking to no one.”

    We lived in a little house in the country, surrounded by woods. I played near the big trees, talking to the flowers, fairies, elves and devas. One day my big brothers wanted to know who I was talking to. They were big, 7 and 9 years old, you know - Big. I proudly took them around the yard introducing them to all my “friends”, until we got to the daisies. 

    “And, daisies, these are my big brothers, they go to School,” I said as I turned around to see them, rolling on the ground, laughing at me.

    “You are just crazy. There’s no one there. You gotta stop talking to the flowers.” 

    So I stopped. I stopped telling people. I still talk to trees and devas and flowers. I grew up with their nurturing. Crazy, to me, was that no one could see my magical world. I had found it, or it had found me, a few years before when I went through the jewel. 


    “You’re not the baby anymore ‘cuz Mommy’s got a new one.” my big brother announced.


    I didn’t mind so much. I was almost three whole years old and I got my first pair of pretty ruffled big girl panties. Freedom, feeling all grown up. I took them outside for a test drive.

Toddling through the wet grass, I tipped over, nose in the clover. There, to my surprise, I spied a jewel. It sparkled so. I knew it must be the ring of the fairy king. If only I could get smaller than small. I looked up over my shoulder at the sun. I looked back at the jewel. How did the whole sun get inside a tiny dewdrop?

I wondered at the tiny world inside the jewel. Perhaps a little girl looked into a dewdrop inside that tiny world, wondering up at me. Maybe there is a much bigger girl on the other side of the sun, looking in on me. 

    Suddenly, like infinity mirrors, I was in the middle of little worlds within worlds and bigger and bigger girls. Whoosh! I turned inside out and outside in as I saw the whole Universe spiraling in on itself in perfect balance. A mobius sphere in equilibrium. 

    “Wow!” Outside the Universe, I saw a field of stars, of which the Universe is the one star that we are inside. “What is this greater field?” As I wondered, the light waves began to dance into forms of a great Council of Light. 

         “Is she crazy?” The forms radiated brighter as each one spoke in turn.

         “Or, is she the One?”

         “There is only one goddess in all the realms that would suggest such a plan. For you to descend into the world of matter, you will loose all recollection of us. If you fail to find your way home, you are doomed to wander alone in the darkness, forever.” said the dancing Light.

         “And if I succeed?” I felt the Talking Light, rippling through as the voice emanated all around me!

         “That is a very big “if”, indeed. No one has succeeded in their attempts to right the planet through the coming storms. Your idea to go in even deeper and seed the planet with our DNA to give birth to Humanity capable of overcoming the ills of the world before it destroys itself, while noble, is foolhardy at best, crazy at worst.”

    “I will seed the planet with the knowing of the Heart Race. As Master of Time, I can step in anywhere, anytime. Therefore, I shall step into the world of matter and catch the seed of the great creator god.”

    “To prove to us that you have indeed mastered Time, you must return to us as the new seed of the Heart Race awakening in the world.” 

    “I shall place the knowledge in the heart of the child. Here it shall remain, untainted, until I can return for it, bringing it back to you, fully. The child will remember turning inside out, heart first. She will remember the jewel.

    “The heart of a child will protect the sacred knowledge to keep it pure. It is a good plan,” the Council agreed. “But, however shall you protect the child until such time that she is wise enough to know what to do with the knowledge?” 

    “I will freeze the heart of the child so that she will always live in a magical world of spirits and fairies. She will learn of the world through their eyes. By traumatically imprinting the lifeline, it will etch deeply into the DNA, making it possible to find my way through. From the inside, I will reclaim the child and the sacred knowledge.” 

    “So be it.” the Council declared.  “You, Oriana, shall be placed in the sarcophagus to be lowered into the density. You shall enter deeper than any has gone before, awaiting the arrival of the creator God of the Great Celeste.” 

         “I will return to you as surely as Dragon’s blood returns to your heart.” 

        “Go with Courage. Return with Love,” 

            Whoosh! Returned to Earth through the portal of my heart, I could feel the other dimension and hear the Voice of the Council. I called them Dragons because of the beautiful flashes of colors. I knew I was supposed to fly with them. I was one with the divas, fairies, flowers and trees. My heart was radiating.

    I ran into the house to show my mom how I sparkled. My baby sister was crying. Colicky, fussy baby, Mommy would say. Maybe the baby could see the sparkles as I shook the crib. When Mommy came in, she was mad, thinking I woke the baby. She reached for my throat. I saw this green slimy thing take over her face and then she wasn’t my mom anymore. 

         “It” picked me up and choked me until I went limp in its hands.

         Dropping me on the bed, my mom muttered to herself as she left the room. Lying limp, I watched the dragons, high above, who were calling to me,

    “You flew too close to the density. The darkness has pulled you into the pain body. Beware, the duality of that denseness will try to stop you. We can help you heal, but you will have to innovate your own pathway home.”

    Trapped. Pounding on the bedroom window to get out awakened a suffocating feeling of pounding on a stone lid I could not move. How could I get out of this cold, dark sarcophagus? Imprisoned. I was shocked with sudden knowing that I would have to find a way to open the lid - from the inside.

    Delirious, I pounded on the stone. Just beyond the window was the swing set. If only I could reach it, I’m sure I could fly away. I imagined swinging and swinging, one day I’d find that perfect sweet spot where going up met coming down and, suspended in midair, I could step off and hover just for that moment. When I was old enough to climb to the top of the swing set, I would stand on the apex and flap my skinny little arms with all my might, sorely disappointed when I thumped to the ground. Undaunted, I’d crawl up again, and again, and again. Over and over, I was just so sure I was supposed to fly.




To enter into the story of the Legend of the Heart Race, begin by watching the 50 min video of The DreamWaker.  This is a trilogy of a mythological adventure through multi dimensions. The video its a storyboard summary that shows the interweaving of the characters and their movement between the three stories. This builds the foundation as these characters show up in The Legend.


    The DreamWaker is like the chess board of a three dimensional chess game.  The Legend is a vertical story.  It is telling the story of the Divine Feminine incarnating into earth plane existence.  The journey is the one we all have taken to arrive here.  It is encoded within the Genetic Coil.  The traumas to the Goddess are the ones that are deeply imprinted.  They are the archetype of the experience of woman.  It is by feeling it deeply that we reclaim our true stature of the Goddess that was once revered by the Ancients.


    All the male characters represent the archetypes and stages of man on many dimensions.  The video is not a linear comprehensive story.  It is designed like scaffolding whereby the unfolding pattern of your own story may be revealed to you.  Watch as the characters are overlaid, seeming to arise out of each other, coming alive from the book to tell a multidimensional story.  The Legend shows a pathway through to reset the Genetic Coil to a higher frequency and awaken the Goddess within.




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