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How could anyone ever tell you

You are beautiful.

What's Left ?

Original autobiographical Rap Song.  "Impersonating a Rapper" by The Goddess of Non-exsistance.

Being Brave

Questions to Ponder as a writing prompt


 When in your life have you self sacrificed for the greater good of all?

 What was the circumstance when you put aside your own best interest for the care of the whole?


 If you are a parent, this may have come in the form of “family first”, many times.  It may not have been an extreme and terrifying situation that caused a deeper altruistic ideal to switch on.  Perhaps it is more innately part of you to be the protecting Shepherd.


 Is there a time you felt you over sacrificed and were not considered the hero, unsung or otherwise?


 Is there a time you recall when you intuitively knew what would be the best course of action and you were out voiced by others, but in hindsight, you were right?


 Or conversely, was there a time your course of action was followed that led to the detriment of all?


 Write your remembrance of an incident, big or small.  Keep your attention on the feelings leading to your action (or inaction).  


 In the moment that you knew the result, was it worth it?


 Would you do it again?  Do you wish you could do it over differently?


 And now, with your perspective of wisdom gained, what do you know about yourself?



 Now watch the video again.  This time feel the feelings of coming to a choice that feels even more terrifying than the dilemma you are in.


 Are you feeling it now in your life?  


 Can you feel the dilemma of the world that is bringing you to the Hesitant Hero? 


 Feel that place in you that is terrified to go forth as it is crazy to show up in this uncivilized world.


 Send me any writing, insights, feedback.  I have one more video coming about fearlessness.


 In Joy,


I am not Afraid

Writing Prompt


Feel into a time when you decided to be “not afraid”.  What was that time?  What did you decide - beyond reasoning or sensibility, what was that point where you simply decided fear was not going to hold you back?


See if you can feel these feelings now.  As an Imaginal Premise, suppose you decided to enter earth plane existence at just this strategic moment when your skills and light would be greatly needed.


Now suppose you decided “I am not afraid”.  As a High Initiate you declare it three times before you are allowed to proceed. 


Imagine that you are walking toward the door that takes you into incarnation.  One more step - and you are falling.


No wonder we don’t remember the incarnating - falling into the physical plane, wrapping ourselves in matter as we fall.


Now imagine that there is a deeper sense that yearns to be set free.  Imagine your True Purpose is a feeling . . . quite a bit better than you can imagine . . .


Writing prompt - you may want to read again after viewing the video and then write.



 Feeling the fear.


 When in your life have you felt intense fear?


 As you recall the time, feel the body memory.  Be aware of the sensations that are your body’s way of remembering.  As you write of your memory, especially notice where and how the memory is stored in your body.


 Have you had a similar moment of coming close to an edge of great consequence?


 Your body says STOP!  DO NOT MOVE.  Stay Away From The EDGE!


 Where did you feel it?  Your body is communicating to you in sensation. 


 The Primer is designed to communicate to you in sensation, feeling, vibration, movement.  


 As you watch the video, be aware of what you are physically feeling.  Like a tuning fork, your body will perceive the communication of vibration.


 The Primer will awaken the memory of sensation.  


 You may not have trekked into the Amazon Jungle, but have you been in situations where you felt overwhelmed, out of your element, inundated by energy that made your skin crawl?


 Have you faced a challenge that seemed impossible but that you could not NOT do it?


 You may not be crazy enough to hurl yourself off a bridge, but do you remember leaping from your swing set as a child and finding just the right moment, swinging as high as you can, and then sailing into mid air, setting yourself free?


 Do you know what it feels to be BEYOND Fear?


 Once you have a memory that this video brings up in you, let your writing tell of the feeling.  Surrender trying to find just the right words and instead, allow the feelings to flow on to the page in the rhythm of the nonexistence giving shape and meaning to the words.


 And now that you have watched the video, take a moment to reflect and journal.  


 Feel all these same feelings.  What are you facing in your life now that these feelings are showing you?  


 What is it that your Spirit wants to do that you feel you are dragging your body to get your toes over the edge?


 Now feel into the moment of hurling your heart into mid air - and following it.


 Feel the moment of knowing. The Deeper Knowing that is calling.  


 Put your attention on the gyroscope in your heart as you listen to the last few minutes of toning. Feel free to hum along! 


 Let it awaken the deeper sensation that is calling you forth.


 And you can not NOT do it!


 The feelings, sensations, vibrations, are the communication.  The words we use to label feelings are what limits our ability to fully perceive and be with the experience of another.


 Be aware of how you are communicating the experience of you to others as you go through your day.


 In Joy,




 Please share with me your writings, memories, notes, feelings, and feedback on how this worked for you and what might be added or changed.  Mucho thanks!

Flying with Panache

The Dream Waker

Written and Directed by Oriana

This original video was filmed in the public access TV Studio in Seattle, Wa. 18 years ago. That was well before YouTube and iMovie or any personal film editing capability.  All of the effects were done by merging videos of the characters and still shots in real time in the directors booth.  They illustrate the fractal interweaving of all the characters that tell the multidimensional story. 

Hummingbird Whisperer

On this beautiful afternoon, a wild Hummingbird stops to visit. We were lucky to capture the moment on video.

Care and Feeding of the Happy Dragon

How to Make Fermented Vegetables

In today's fast and processed foods, our gut flora is lacking what we need to stay in optimum health. Fermented Vegetables provide good bacteria keeping the micro biome healthy, watch this how to video and get back to a healthy gut flora.

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